03 Mar 2016
interactive screens

3 reasons why digital interactive screens can help you stand out from the crowd.

At the recent BETT education IT show we helped to create interactive screens for the education division of a large technology company. The content was intended to attract educators and IT managers to the stand where sales teams could engage with the visitor. The animated infographic video accessed from the touch screens could be controlled by visitors to learn the features and benefits of private cloud technologies, school analytics tools and how productivity can be improved in schools and universities. This approach was really popular with visitors to the stand, and when we delved into why this was, we discovered these three reasons.

  1. Images speak louder than words – particularly for non-native English speakers.

BETT, like many large conferences isn’t just frequented by UK residents, and often sales people can feel slightly intimidating and difficult to understand in another language. Stand attendees might have strong accents and often in technology industries, concepts and product offerings can be difficult to explain in just a few words.

By presenting things in an interactive digital format, visitors who were non-native English speakers could better understand the high level information presented, and grasp the concepts with visual scenarios. The fact that it was interactive meant that they could read at their own pace and gave them confidence to speak to a sales person where they could refer back to the visual concepts.


  1. Looping videos no longer work
    Conferences and events have increasingly got busier and noisier every year. The sorts of passive, looped videos that stands often rely on to capture attention when sales reps are busy, no longer cut it in this atmosphere. To stand out from the crowd, you really need something that is going to make people stop and want to get involved. With striking graphics, interesting content and tactile simplicity, our digital interactive screens worked to keep people occupied while they waited to speak to a representative.
  2. You control what you read
    Looped videos, brochures and other on-stand tools often have a lot of information that’s not relevant to the particular requirements of the individuals coming to the stand. With interactive digital content they found that they could discover the information for themselves, on a wide variety of school IT focused topics. This aspect of control really helped visitors to see how the product and service offerings could possibly fit their school’s requirements on their own terms.


This new approach at BETT really worked, and we think it’s ideal for all types of trade shows and conferences, to help your audience better understand your messages and what they can get from your services. Have a chat to us to discuss how we can better improve the stand at your next conference or event.