11 Mar 2016
3 stages

Attract, Advise, Action: Our three step plan to generate leads and clinch sales

When it comes to architecting what you need for your digital marketing strategy, we have some clear views on how to plan a campaign that embraces the benefits of interactive content to deliver outstanding results.

We have developed an integrated cyclical process that looks at your customer’s needs and how they are likely to use your product or service. We work with you to determine who your customers are, what they’re up to, and then we match their behaviours to a mix of live events and online activities to influence engagement that will deliver results.

Our three step plan can be used to create complete marketing campaigns to target, engage and convert customers or each step can be used to achieve a specific goal. The plan can also be used alongside your existing PR/social content to complement and boost your following.

  1. Attracting Attention / Capturing leads
    This stage is at the top of the funnel, so your audience still isn’t aware, or that aware of you.It’s where you should think about developing attractors – an online tool which can drive traffic to your site.For example, when reaching consumers, a personality quiz can help users to identify what type of person they are and then make suggestions as to what they need at the category level.

    Choosing to develop this allows you to tie in your product or service, particularly to an aspect of a person’s lifestyle. For reaching businesses, assessment quizzes that benchmark users against other businesses for key policies or strategies can really drive attention.

    You can make use of paid social advertising opportunities such as Facebook ads and Twitter cards to get people playing, sharing and talking about these tools. All interactive content should be designed with outcomes that have shareable aspects, opportunities to register and for bigger campaigns move the prospect onto step 2.

  1. Advising users/ Educating leads
    Many things that we buy aren’t quick-sells, they have long buying cycles, often with difficult to understand features and prospects need a little convincing that they’re making the right choiceAt this point you really need to sell the product to them, but not just by hammering home the features. Here’s where you need to educate your audience by giving them as much information as they need to make a decision.For this stage we use digital signposting to create interactive buying guides wherever possible using video.

    For example, you could create an interactive signposting video for the attention of students that demonstrates the various product choices they could make for a tablet or laptop product. The video would present the different types of products and how they might use them in different scenarios to determine what would be best for the student’s chosen course.

    Throughout the interactive guide, prospects can easily share, request a follow up or – where direct sales are part of your strategy – move them onto step 3.

  2. Action / Streamlining the buying process
    Prospects at this point are in buying mode – they have a clearer idea what they need your product to achieve for them. Their challenge now is making a decision on which particular product will meet that need particularly where there a many similar featured products in your line-up.Step 3 is all about improving conversion rates, minimising abandonment and making customers satisfied they bought the right product.We would build a tool that asks user-based questions, taking them to specific products that match their criteria. Then it could feature a buy now button, taking them to your online store or to a selection of your preferred retailers.

Our three step process enables improved engagement that will bring your customers to your door and to commit to purchasing your product or services. With interactive content it’s that bit more personalised, which allows for better responses and more commitments to purchase. To find out how our strategy can help you, whether you just want help with one of the stages, or all three, just get in touch.