13 Aug 2015
Alternative to Buzzfeed

Don’t plump for a Buzzfeed style quiz – entice prospects with a personal branded one instead

The internet is full of quizzes these days (you only have to look at your Facebook feed to see that). But there’s two kinds of quiz out there:

  • The quick and dirty Buzzfeed-esque quiz which has limited branding options and a small banner link to your content at the end.


  • The well-crafted quiz that delivers an experience for your prospect and positive brand recognition of your products and services. It is this kind of quiz that we mean to talk about, as it’s this kind that gets the best results.


So, why a quiz? Here’s our top 10 reasons:


  • There’s no commitment
    People can take part in quizzes instantly, they’re perfect for top of funnel, lead gen activities for both B2B and B2C as they don’t require your prospect to fill out anything beforehand.
  • They’re attractive
    Create something that tempts your prospects to want to discover something about themselves, and then make it fun enough for them to get to the end quickly and easily. You can use elements of animation, imagery and video to make them come to life and create a brand experience.
  • They can be used anywhere
    You can also take them to events for participants to fill in while they’re on the stand, allowing them to get to grips with your brand, without the need to wait for a rep to be free. Quizzes can also be ready to use on smartphones and tablets making them ideal for platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where most daily activity tends to come through smartphone use.
  • They engender trust
    People tend to trust brands more after completing a quiz, for example, Global talent management consulting firm DDI built a Common Leadership Styles quiz and has found that prospects who engage with this interactive content are 6x more likely to open follow-up emails from DDI.  It’s a good way to engage your prospects while offering more content to keep them interested and move them through the funnel.
  • They’re inherently social
    On Facebook there is a 15% share rate for quizzes, particularly if they have a challenge aspect, for example a personality or specific trivia/IQ test.
    For our SmartenUp campaign our quiz asked a series of questions in order to ascertain what kind of personality you were. The end result can then be shared with your friends via social networks, meaning that the challenge is passed on.
  • They can be a great ice-breaker
    If people don’t know your brand all that well or what kinds of products you provide, a well-executed quiz can help them to become aware of you and what you do, even if the questions are all about them. Think not only about branding the quiz all the way through, but at the end offering options for learning more, or purchasing a product.
  • They can educate
    Quizzes aren’t just about getting details and pushing product, you can use them to inform your prospect on your brand, what you do, how you can help them in addresses their needs and pain points. Their results can also help educate you on what kinds of people are accessing your content. Make sure that you have analytics behind your quiz so that you can see how it’s performing and what outcomes it’s getting. This will be great for your ROI and also help you in developing future quizzes and campaigns.
  • They can upsell your products
    With our experience of using quizzes so far, we’ve found that after completing a quiz and getting a choice of product items, customers click through to the higher priced products. So not only are you helping in shortening their decision making cycle through the quiz, but you’re also bumping up possible revenue too.


We think that quizzes are a great way to engage, interest, educate and sell to prospects at the top of the lead gen funnel. To find out how we can help you to develop your own branded quiz that will achieve results, discuss your requirements with us.