16 Oct 2015
Interactive content personalisation tools

Using ‘design your own’ interactive content for lead generation

Personalised products are fast becoming a reality. With the introduction of 3D printers and the digital transformation of manufacturing services, buyers can now create and order products that they’ve manipulated themselves by using interactive content. Personalised printing and quick digital mock-ups have helped create innovative personalisation interactive tools in the automotive, sports, fashion and tech industries.

Well-designed interactive tools can make a real difference to conversion rates
Most examples found online are product configurators that let customers make a generic product their own, unique to their style, thus making it more attractive to commit to buying. They are a very useful interactive tool – when designed properly they can make a real difference to conversion rates when buyers are in the latter stages of the buying cycle (bottom end of the sales funnel).

Interactive personalisation tools can work at the top of sales funnel
Often overlooked though is the opportunity to use them earlier in the funnel, as lead generators and part of your overall inbound strategy. However, you can’t just take your bottom of the sales funnel tool, and stick it at the top end and hope for results.

Product configurators are too detailed for use earlier in the buying cycle
Interactive content that is used in a conversion situation to personalise products will tend to provide a multitude of options, colourways etc. That’s great for when the customer wants the item and has the time and the inclination to spend tweaking it to specifications. But not so great when it’s being used as a sales generator.

A simpler design your own tool is needed for an inbound interactive tool
From a design point of view, a personalisation tool has to be thought of very differently if it’s going to be put to use for inbound activities. You need to develop a simple tool that will very easily allow them to make an item their own. If you can show a mock-up of the item as an incentive to buy, so much the better.

Create something a prospect can play with that is simple and quick to use
For this earlier stage of the buying cycle, you need to consider what it is the buyer wants at that moment and pare down the steps and choices to make those configurations happen. As the customer is unlikely to want to purchase your product yet, it needs to be clear that it won’t take a lot of investment in time or thought to complete – even making it fun and game-like. It is vital to make it simple to use and something that they will want to share across social networks with their peers.

Use your interactive content as a focus for your demand generation campaigns
Empowering your customers to make their products unique from the very beginning of the purchase process is a good draw into your website and something that you can shout about on your own social media channels. You could invite people to share their creations with you, you could capture their data as a result of it or simply use it as a call to action for the product page.

Untapped potential for making your products stand out
We think using interactive content as a lead generator is something that’s been largely unexplored, and it has great possibilities for many audiences searching to make products that little bit special.