10 Jan 2016
Interact 2016

Why invest in interactive content for your 2016 marketing budget?

Businesses are producing content by the bucket-load to convince buyers to decide on purchasing their product offerings, but a lot of it isn’t working as it should. Before you commit your budget to content that might not convert well, consider whether you can make your activities a bit more interesting for buyers.

Static content is becoming the norm for many brands, but it isn’t providing enough of a sales and marketing funnel despite content being an area that is the most likely for investment in 2016. Instead of doing the same old thing, try interactive content instead to gain better all-round ROI. Here’s 5 reasons to test it out.

  • Increase your conversion rates
    One of the highest business objectives in any commercial sales and marketing plan is to get higher sales possibilities and interactive content is 94% more effective than static content at generating conversions*. This is down to interactive content attracting the eye and persuading the consumer to try something out through action, instead of merely telling them on a webpage or in an email.
  • Differentiate from your competitors
    In a consumer market, competition is fierce and your product offering might get lost in all the noise that you and your competitors are generating. With interactive content you might be bringing something different to the table. A quiz or an online questionnaire could really set you apart from your competitors by providing an interesting way to interact with your brand. In fact, interactive content is 60% more effective than static content at differentiating from competitors*.
  • Get more shares
    Social media is a tricky animal and often you can feel like you’re doing a lot of work tweeting, instagramming, Facebooking etc. for very little comeback. In fact, many marketers feel that there’s a real difficulty pinning these activities to better ROI. Interactive content is 224% more effective than static content at being shared*. So providing a few choice content bits to share means that your chance to achieve more interest in your brand on social networks has just increased exponentially.
  • Educate your audience
    We wrote an article a while back on how difficult it is for buyers to decide between various options leaving them indecisive. At the wavering stage, it’s important for you to have strong messaging that educates your audience on why they should choose you. With interactive content, buyer’s tend to retain those messages that bit more (Interactive content is 33% more effective than static content at educating buyers.*), making it a perfect choice for the decision-making part of the buying funnel. But also education can be used for lead generation activities too, by feeding the buyer some information and making them hungry to know more.

These four points probably make up a large part of your marketing plans for this year, so getting on-board with some creative interactive content could really up your game in terms of buyer behaviour. Contact Roberto or Kate to chat through what you are looking to achieve and get the ball rolling for your 2016 campaigns.

*Data courtesy of Demand Metric’s June 2014 research report, Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey, Benchmarks for Content & The Buyer’s Journey